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You & Your Family

From the First Tooth Onwards

At Aesthetic Dental we believe firmly that creating the right skills for life long dental health begins at a very early age.

We are happy to see and treat (where necessary) the ‘little ones’ from the time their first tooth comes through. It is vital that a family should have continuity and consistency with their dental care and all should make the journey together.

The school dental service looks after children very well until they reach secondary school yet from time to time their dental therapist may refer them to us for more complicated treatments. This will usually be free of charge. Once at secondary school children receive free dental care with us until their 18th birthday. We will do our best to encourage and teach them how to look after their teeth which should hold them in good stead for life. Our aim is to have filling free adults which we are now starting to see.

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In our image conscious society there is an increasing emphasis on maintaining a youthful appearance or enhancing what nature has given us.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are now proven to be the most successful and permanent way of replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a full set of teeth.
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Dental Care

We are a family based practice that believes totally in the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Our aim is to provide a tailor-made long-term preventative program to keep your teeth and gums in the best possible health which should minimise the need for treatment long term.
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Dental Care

In Affordable Bites

Now you can budget for routine dental care by spreading the cost over 12 months. Dental Essentials is a convenient and affordable dental plan that takes the financial 'ouch' out of visiting the dentist.
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Our Expert

Dental Team

Our exceptional family-based practice takes pride in providing the full range of services modern day dentistry has to offer. We have a strong belief in ongoing education, allowing Aesthetic Dental to provide the most up to date techniques and treatments available.
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