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Dental Services

Aesthetic Dental offers general preventative dentistry, hygiene, veneers, whitening, endodontics, crowns, bridges and implants.
We are committed to excellence and providing outstanding customer service.
Our range of cosmetic dental services also include:

Teeth Whitening

We utilise a home whitening system where a mould of your teeth is taken at the clinic and trays are made specifically to fit your mouth. This tray is used to line with whitening gel and worn 10-14days for 80minutes.

We will record the colour of your teeth before and after treatment and you keep your trays for life. A “top up “of 1-2 applications may be required every 18-24months to maintain a natural white smile.


These can be used in most situations to replace old dark amalgam (silver) fillings. These are always used on front teeth and where appropriate on back teeth.


These are an excellent way to create a beautiful smile by closing spaces between teeth, repairing broken or chipped teeth or covering stained, discoloured or cracked teeth.

Veneers require minimal tooth preparation and they provide an extremely life like cosmetic result.

Smile Makeovers

In our image conscious society there is an increasing emphasis on maintaining a youthful appearance or enhancing what nature has given us.

With our expert knowledge you can have the smile of your dreams. With any combination of tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, dental implants or bridge work, we can create a beautiful aesthetically pleasing smile to be proud of.

We can create a ‘copy’ of your new smile from a white plastic model to superimpose on your teeth and give you a vision of what your new smile would look like.


Crowns or ‘caps’ are used to cover damaged, cracked discoloured, heavily filled or root canal treated teeth. They strengthen and protect the remaining tooth to prevent cracks or breaks, which may result in extraction. They can also be used to dramatically improve the appearance of unsightly or uneven teeth.


Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth by using the teeth on either side of the space as anchors. If the missing teeth are not replaced the remaining teeth can move causing a bad bite, sore jaw or gum disease.

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In our image conscious society there is an increasing emphasis on maintaining a youthful appearance or enhancing what nature has given us.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are now proven to be the most successful and permanent way of replacing a single tooth, several teeth or a full set of teeth.
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Dental Care

We are a family based practice that believes totally in the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Our aim is to provide a tailor-made long-term preventative program to keep your teeth and gums in the best possible health which should minimise the need for treatment long term.
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You & Your Family

From the First tooth Onwards

At Aesthetic Dental we believe firmly that creating the right skills for life long dental health begins at a very early age. It is vital that a family should have continuity and consistency with their dental care and all should make the journey together.
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Our Expert

Dental Team

Our exceptional family-based practice takes pride in providing the full range of services modern day dentistry has to offer. We have a strong belief in ongoing education, allowing Aesthetic Dental to provide the most up to date techniques and treatments available.
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