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Payment Plan

Pay for your dental care in affordable bites. Almost all dental disease is preventable. Regular examinations and hygiene visits are proven to reduce dental decay and gum disease.

Now you can budget for routine dental care by spreading the cost over 12 months. Dental Essentials is a convenient and affordable payment plan that takes the financial ‘ouch’ out of visiting the dentist.

With Dental Essentials you will:

  • Pay for your yearly dental examinations, x-rays and hygiene treatment by 12 monthly payments direct debited from your Bank account.
  • Be guaranteed that this treatment is provided by your dentist/hygienist on an annual basis
  • Receive a discount of up to 10% on routine dental treatments including fillings, crowns, root canal treatment, extractions and even tooth whitening*
  • Receive a family discount when more than one immediate family member joins. For example, if husband and wife join, one will receive a 5% discount. This also applies to children
  • Be able to join at any time
  • Be charged a one-off administration fee of just $20
  • Debited with your first payment.

We’ll discuss with you the frequency of clinical examinations and hygiene appointments you require annually to maintain optimum oral health, and together work out an appropriate monthly payment amount. Then just fill in the attached Direct Debit Form and bring it to Aesthetic Dental. It’s as simple as that!

Terms & Conditions

1. The following terms and conditions apply to customers using the Dental
Essentials direct debit payment option. The Dental Essentials payment option is made available to customer’s for the purpose of paying over time the cost of the customers routine preventative dental care (Preventative Dental Care) for a minimum of a twelve month period. This Preventative Dental Care includes:

a. an agreed number of dental check ups;
b. routine x-rays as part of the agreed number of dental check ups;
c. scaling and polishing of teeth;
d. agreed routine care from a dental hygienist (if applicable).

2. The Dental Essentials option is limited to the provision of Preventative Dental Care referred to in clause 1 and does not entitle you to any of the following:

a. restorative treatment, including fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures;
b. orthodontic, cosmetic or dental implant treatment or services;
c. dispensing or prescribing prescription drugs;
d. sedation or general anesthetic;
e. referral to a specialist and specialist treatment;
f. treatment carried out by anyone other than Dental Essentials.

3. Notwithstanding the above, customers using Dental Essentials direct debit arrangement for their Preventative Dental Care will be entitled to a discount of up to 10% on restorative dental treatments including fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal treatment and dentures. A family discount of up to 5% is also available should more than one family member wish to join.

Conditions of this Authority to accept Direct Debits

1. The Initiator:

a. Has agreed to give advance notice of the net amount of each Direct Debit and the due date of the debiting at least 10 calendar days before (but not more than 2 calendar months) the date when the Direct Debit will be initiated. This notice will be provided either:

(i) in writing: or
(ii) by electronic mail where the Customer has provided prior written consent to the initiator.

The advance notice will include the following message:

Unless advice to the contrary is received from you by (date*), the amount of $_______.___ will be directly debited to your Bank account on (initiating date).
* This date will be at least two (2) days prior to the initiating date to allow for amendment of Direct Debits.

b. May, upon the relationship which gave rise to this Authority being terminated, give notice to the Bank that no further Direct Debits are to be initiated under the Authority. Upon receipt of such notice the Bank may terminate this Authority as to future payments by notice in writing to me/us.
c. May, upon receiving an “authority transfer form” (dated after the date of this authority) signed by me/us and addressed to a bank to which I/we have transferred my/our bank account, initiate Direct Debits in reliance of that transfer form and this Authority from the account identified in the authority transfer form.

The Customer may:

a. At any time, terminate this Authority as to future payments by giving written notice of termination to the Bank and to the Initiator.
b. Stop payment of any Direct Debit to be initiated under this Authority by the Initiator by giving written notice to the Bank prior to the Direct Debit being paid by the Bank.

The Customer acknowledges that:

a. This Authority will remain in full force and effect in respect of all Direct Debits passed to my/our account in good faith notwithstanding my/our death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this Authority until actual notice of such event is received by the Bank.
b. In any event this Authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter existing between me/us and the Bank in relation to my/our account.
c. Any dispute as to the correctness or validity of an amount debited to my/our account shall not be the concern of the Bank except in so far as the Direct Debit has not been paid in accordance with this Authority. Any other disputes lies between me/us and the Initiator.

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